The Proceedings of the The 38th annual session of South Indian History Congress was held at Calicut from January 28th to 30th 2018 (3)

The Proceedings of the The 38th annual session of South Indian History Congress was held at Calicut from January 28th to 30th 2018 (3)

SIHC- panel discussion- Kurup, Kutty.2

KKN Kurup was talking about Jihad against Portuguese!

SIHC- panel discussion- Kurup, Kutty.3

The audience was poor.

SIHC- panel discussion- Kurup, Kutty.4

The audience that attended to the panel discussion.

Resistance  Against Colonialism in Malabar – panel discussion – 3.30 to 5.00 pm: Historian and former Vice Chancellor of Calicut University K.K.N. Kurup said that the people of Kerala always resisted imperialism and colonialism because the spirit of fighting colonial aggression had been in their blood for long[1]. He was delivering the keynote address at a panel discussion on the anti-colonial struggles of Kerala held as part of the South Indian History Congress at Calicut University on Monday (29-01-2018)[2]. He described the Thuhfathul Mujahideen penned by Muslim scholar Zainuddin Makhdoum of Ponnani in the 16th century as the manifesto of anti-colonial struggles in the country. Dr. Kurup criticised those glorifying Indian history claiming that India too had colonies in the past. [But, India never had “colonies”, as the Europeans had, as the people of those countries never wanted to oppose India or get liberated from India.  On the other hand, not only they followed Indian culture, tradition, heritage and civilization, but also promoted such features and such features could be noted even today.]

SIHC- panel discussion- Kurup, Kutty.5

KKN Kurup did not explain the nature of “jihad” that worked against the Portuguese.

SIHC- panel discussion- Kurup, Kutty

Jihad against the Portuguese and the British: He said such historians were trying to misrepresent history, and Indian culture had always resisted imperialism. Kurup said that works like the Thuhfathul Mujahideen should be used to parry those trying to misrepresent Indian history. The anti-colonial legacy of the Thuhfathul Mujahideen, which exhorted the people of Malabar for a jihad against the Portuguese imperialists, was followed by the Mappilas who fought the British in 1921, he said. However, the learned historian did not explain the concept of jihad and how it would be fought. It is well known now, that “jihad” is fought by the faithful momins / Muslims only against the kafirs. Both Portuguese and the British were kafirs, that too, Christians and therefore, there was nothing surprise that a Mohammedan advocated jihad against them! Kerala Council for Historical Research (KCHR) chairman P.K. Michael Tharakan[3] and historian K. Gopalankutty took part in the discussion. Michael Tharakan was narrating about certain Roman Catholic document produced that were changed by the Church historians. M.P. Mujeeb Rahman, history teacher at Calicut University, welcomed the gathering. He commented that, “We are living in a status of Jingoistic Nationalism”[4]! The history meet would conclude on Tuesday (30-01-2018).

Tuhfat al-Mujahidin- jihad

‘Tuhfat al-Mujahidin fi ba‘d Akhbar al-Burtughaliyin’ (Arabic:تحفة المجاهدين في بعض اخبار البرتغاليين , often shortened as ‘Tuhfat al-Mujahidin’) is considered to be a historical work by Zainuddin Makhdoom on the struggle between the Mappila Muslims of Malabar and Portuguese colonial forces in the 16th century. It describes the resistance put up by the navy of Kunjali Marakkar alongside the Zamorin of Calicut from 1498 to 1583 against Portuguese attempts to colonize the Malabar coast .

Tuhfat al-Mujahidin- Hindu colonies

The intriguing “Malayalee nationalism,” “Malayalee race” etc: Kurup was talking about “Malayalee nationalism,” “Malayalee race” and such other expressions, and trying to prove that they too had linguistic and nationality identity to fight against the British. However, your reporter has cleverly avoided and projected that Keralites have always resisted imperialism’. When Dravidian nationalism could lead to separatism, how and why Keralite / Malayalam nationalism could resist colonialism, was not explained. Incidentally, there was no demand like “Dravidanadu” in Kerala, as claimed by Periyar and Anna before and after independence. Similarly the question, “EMS, A. K. Gopalan and other leftist forces were there in Kerala and carrying out their ideological war, why they could not achieve any success in anti-colonialism,” was also not answered. Incidentally, the panel discussion was about “Resistance Against Colonialism in Malabar” not restricted to “Keralites” and the panellists confessed that they could not give any answers to the questions raised by the delegates! After this, there was a cultural programme was held at the big tent “Silver Jubilee Pandal”.

SIHC-CU -paper reading-political.jewish myth-1

This paper presenter was narrating based on legends that Jews came to India……10,000 BCE they were living in Jerusalem and so on…….

SIHC-CU -paper reading-political.jewish myth-2

The Third day of SIHC – 30-01-2018 (Tuesday): As there were many papers, the third day also continued with paper presentation. The paper presenters from Kerala, have been evidently confused with the myths floated about the Jews, St. Thomas, Cherman Perumal, his sojourn to Mecca and Medina and back, Vavar and Iyyappan and related legends, tales and folktales without any historical basis.  Here, Sreeramakrishnan should take note of. Without historic past in India, how they could spin such fables and myths and converted into “popular histories” should be noted by the “scientific and secular” historians! One paper-presenter was confusing with his concepts of “white Jews,” “black Jews” and so on. Another paper-presenter was narrating that that about 10,000 BCE, the Jews came to Kerala and so on. One professor was impressing upon the others that the Hindus were also having “theology” and so on! About “inculturation” activities carried on by the Christian missionaries[5] and the Muslim groups[6], the paper-presenters were evidently confused and they could not differentiate between the orthodox religion and the popular practices followed by the Christians and Muslims. Moreover, nowadays, both religions at higher level want to have purity and thus, they want to erase all signs of Hindu traces that could be found in culture, tradition, heritage ans civilization of Keralites by any means.

KVR with MGS Narayanan

With Prof M.G.S. Narayanan….after 30 years…….I used to meet him at IHC and ask questions, when he used to present papers on “Sangam literature”

KVR with Ayub Ali, Chenna, Gopalan Kutty and others

With all old friends…………………………

Paper-presenters were confused about the women issues and rights: About the papers on women and issues related to women, the paper presenters have been very vague, selective and not going into the details of the issues raised. Respecting womanhood and fighting for the rights of women, they are confused. About divorce, living in relationship / together, consent to sex, Ashley Madison, right to bleed[7] and other issues, they are not dealing with legal issues as per the law of this land and the recent Supreme Court judgements. About prostitution, sex workers and connected issues, many do not know the provisions of Act and rules, but simply expressing the borrowed views, evidently, taken from Wikipedia and newspapers. Obviously, the dilemma between morality and westernized view of feminism has been affecting, controlling and restricting their thought processes.

SIHC-CU -30-01-2018-valedictory

The valedictory function……………

Chenna, Sadasivan, Mahabalwshwar, Ayub, Ravi

The valedictory function was over……………….

SIHC-CU -30-01-2018-sambar was there

On the last day, there was “sambar” for lunch!

SIHC-CU -Sadasivan gave KVR momento

Local secretary gave a momento to me…………………

The General Body Meeting and Valedictory function: The General Body meeting was held around 2 pm and as usual, there were many unresolved issues about balance sheet etc. For the first time, intriguingly, the general secretary mentioned about “financial discipline”, as it evidently points to some “financial indiscipline”![8] Incidentally, without circulating copies of resolutions and accounts, the president was nodding and approving as passed, that was totally incorrect. Ironically, it was carried on as another ritual without any seriousness, as there was a doubt that there was no quorum also. The Valedictory function was held immediately around 3 pm without any VIP and it was completed just like “home function” with family members. The local secretary was informing that the delegates for the 38th session was touching 1000 mark with papers amounting to 900! This implies that on delegates fee account alone, Rs. 10 lakhs were collected. Moreover, he informed that the University had granted Rs 10 lakhs. Thus, the 38th session has been monetarily well comfortable session. Anyway, the delegates were dropped at Calicut Railway station.

© K. V. Ramakrishna Rao


KVR with Suryavamsi, Chenna Reddy, and others

With Dr / Prof friends……………………… again!

[1] The Hindu, Keralites have always resisted imperialism’, MALAPPURAM, JANUARY 30, 2018 00:00 IST; UPDATED: JANUARY 30, 2018 05:01 IST.


[3] Michael Tharakan was former Vice Chancellor of Kannur University and President of Kerala History Congress.

[4] Jingoistic means xenophobic, patriotic, chauvinistic and thus attacking such nationalism.

[5] After the Vatican Council – II, the Church in India has following duplicity of accepting and opposing “inculturation” in their “inter-faith/ religious dialogue” and other programmes.

[6] They have clear cut programme in erasing the past and impose only Islamic symbols, dogma and belief system by all means. This is implemented under their “Wahabi” brand of Islam.

[7] Incidentally, this issue is related to Kerala.

[8] Those internal issues and problems are not discussed here.

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The author, K. V. Ramakrishna Rao graduating from Madras University in 1979 in Physics, then, proceeded to his multifarious activities by acquiring degrees in Psychology, Electronics & Telecommunications and Law. Started his research activities in 1987, he presented papers in national and international conferences and seminars. Presented more than 450 papers and published more than 250 till date (2010) in the proceedings, books, journals and websites covering Sangam Tamil literature, history, astronomy, Comparative Religion, law etc. Starting with writing “Letters to Editor”, he turned his attention towards research in 1987. His areas of special interest are Sangam Tamil literature and Ancient Indian Arts and Sciences. He has edited two books and published two.In 2000, he was invited by the Iranian National Commission for United Nation to present a paper, “Decoding and Decipherment of Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat” to commemorate 900th death anniversary of Hakim Omar Khayyam at Neshabouri, Iran. He then visited Mauritius (2001), Sri Lanka (2002) and Malaysia (2003) to present papers. He has been a life member of Indian History Congress, South Indian History Congress, Tamilnadu History Congress, Andhrapradesh History Congress, All India Oriental Conference, Mythic Society etc. He has been an Associate Member of Institution of Engineers (India), Calcutta and General secretary of Bharatiya Itihasa Sankalana Samiti, Tamilnadu. He has been a visiting faculty to National Academy of Customs, Excise & Narcotics, Chennai. After working in two industries, at present he is working in Central Excise department as Assistant Commissioner of Customs, Central Excise and Service Tax.
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